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Hello there! Welcome to my personal website.My name is Akash Yadav.I’m a self-taught designer based in Hyderabad,India.

What am I: An entrepreneur, tech enthusiast , engineer and designer. Learning about new tech product and their integration with problem solving is my passion and forte. My entrepreneurial background goes all the way back to college days where I have teamed up with my friends and worked on various business ideas.I have successfully co-founded two startups, one in food & one in renewable energy. I have a rich experience in building a team and running a startup from scratch.

I have graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (2014 batch) with majors in Engineering Physics. Physics is a part of my curiosity while design is a part of my hobby. I have been learning new tech features, various areas ranging from graphic design to web development all by the virtue of self learning.

“There is nothing that I can’t learn”, this single thought has derived my past and will continue to shape my future.

Check out some of the links below to see what I’ve been up to lately.If you want to know more about my work/ideas, want to work with me on some project or have any suggestion/feedback for me; feel free to drop me a mail.Thanks!

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  1. Yo akash…. nice… hmm, i was actually thinking once dat wat kind f designs u keep on sharing on fb, so now i searched fr it and hey here u are, doing gud stuff…. such kind f wrks fascinates me too, i like designing as well…… will u suggest me how u proceed to this
    vibha pareek
    pkt frnz


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