Hey guys thanks for stopping buy! So its been a sometime since I started writing and has been great in terms of my learning experience as a beginner. But since things started to evolve I decided to move to much more dedicated version of my own website, which allows me more flexibility than I will post occasionally here as well but my main focus would be my own personal website. So if you want to see more of my stuff, you are most welcome to follow me on my new site. I will make sure that all of my subscriber here do get the message.
My new website is and I will post mostly about art, design and gadgets. I am a gadget frenzy and will try to review tech gadgets from a consumer point of view, things I own or use or intend to buy. No cheesy stuff just honest reviews. So do check to visit it. Thanks for stopping by , I’ll see you on my new website , Bye!

Link to my new website:



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