Hey everyone!

So this is again a piece from my practice stuff.The scene is where Gimli (from LOTR ,hope you have watched and read it as well) is fighting a pack of wolves.This digital painting is done from the tutorial of Xia Taptara. Full credits to him and if you haven’t seen his work then you should do it now.He has a youtube channel ( and a great tutorial website ( you are a digital painting enthusiast like me then you should try his website,its awesome.

This painting was more of brush experiment and the wolves in the back are photobashed.Hope you guys like it.

I have done quite a bit of new digital paintings and will be uploading soon,so stay tuned to my blog.Like,share and subscribe.Happy blogging šŸ™‚

Brawl with the pack of wolves




  1. Hey Akash, Great blog! Always nice to see some digital painting combined with LotR :), did you watch any specific tutorial from Xia Taptara, or just a bunch? I can definitely see Xia’s style shimmering through :). Keep up to good work!


    • Hey Joey! Thanks for the follow.
      When I was learning digital painting I found Xia’s tutorial very lucid and easy to follow.As a matter of fact I watched all of his tutorial video on the channel,read his website blog,even purchased a few tutorial from his site.But I tried only the easy stuff that didn’t require complex techniques.The fact that he uses just a few flat brushes and few brush strokes to get the basic gesture of a painting done is really amazing.This stuff was done 8 months ago.
      Thanks again šŸ™‚

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