image beauty and the beast


So here is one digital paintings from one of my practice pieces,painted 5 months ago.Used some references from pinterest (I don’t know what I have done without pinterest).So the story might be something like the girl is wandering around a forest and there is a lot of snow. She finds this giant deer like creature wounded and strapped by a belt around his mouth.May be the beast was being hunted by some poachers.The deer beast was able to run away from them but finally fainted due to the wounds.

The girl helps the deer to get healed and they become good friends afterwards.She would roam around the forest riding the deer.

Hey! So this a short story I associated with the picture to make the composition more interesting.What do you think of the painting?Have a better story or any suggestions? Let me know in the comments.Like,share,follow my blog for more of my digital design stuffs.

fairy tale
Beauty and the Beast

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