Hi ! everyone.

So in this post I’ve added a digital painting from few months back and the unique thing about it is that I used only one brush for painting it.I know a picture is worth thousand words but associating a short story with it adds a gateway to the artist’s mind.So I have decided to include a short story with my pictures in order to reflect the mindset or motivation behind the painting.Every artisitc material is driven by some inspiration,thought or incident why not include that in writing.

So this picture is inspired from an incident of my childhood.I spent early years of my childhood in Srinagar,the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir (FYI: Jammu & Kashmir is the north state of India located mostly at the Himalayan mountain range).Srinagar is located in the valley and is a very popular tourist destination. I was four years old when my family lived there.I don’t remember much from that time except the bone chilling cold and a particular incident.I was playing in the garden in front of my house and found a white colored fluffy something on a rose petal.I was sure that it wasn’t a dew drop but what was it? I called my mom and she revealed the mystery that it was a snow flake,frozen drop of water.That was my first encounter with snow.It was like a fairy tale dream to see white snow flakes falling from sky over the red roses and red cherries.Soon it started snowing heavily in the valley.I used to play in the fluffy snow, making snow ball,scooping ice to make snowman.In midst of all the snow there was this bench near a lamp post.The snow covered lamp was illuminating the near by bench and for some reason the whole atmosphere around it looked surreal to me.That encounter was my first snowfall experience.

So this childhood memory resulted in this picture.Hope you guys like it and the funny story behind it.Tried to give it a realistic look with limited color.Let me know what you guys think in the comment section and don’t forget to like share and subscribe! Ciao.

Please view the iamge in fulscreen mode, just click on the image
Please view the image in full-screen mode, just click on the image.

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