Hi! everyone.

So in this post I added a picture from few months ago when I was desperately struggling to learn digital painting.The idea behind this painting was a childhood fantasy.I always had a dream that I will find a magical mysterious land somewhere.I will take up an adventurous journey and in the end find a treasure or a fairy or something interesting.Its not the final destination that matters but the journey undertaken.That’s how I kept myself busy and happy during my childhood.I dreamt something and the next morning I used to doodle it on the paper.That doodling was very relaxing and developed creative side of me.Growing up I learned how to unlearn the things of my childhood,how to dilute the creative side of me because art is not going to get you any job or money and most importantly how to lie and convert your identity into a fake identity of what the society suppose you to become.

Frankly speaking growing up was a terrible idea! As Sir Ken Robinson rightly said that our education system is crafted to suppress creativity.With all the hassle of life,career decision,job etc I decided to revert back to art.It gives me immense pleasure to see my imaginations comes to life.The following picture is one such attempt.Although it looked way better in my head but had to done.

The image depicts adventurous me on voyage to find a magical tree called Soul Tree. The tree that connects the human mind and soul to that  of  an extra-terrestrial (I love alien mystery 😛 ),its a kind of magical communication device to outer space.

Let me know what you think of my weird thoughts.Share,like and subscribe to my blog.Happy blogging 🙂

click to enlarge
soul tree




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