image HUGO:PART-7

Hey Guys!
So here is the part-7 of my illustration series.This part was bit tricky as I am terrible at drawing anatomy but I am learning it.I get the proportions right most of the time but its the intricate details in the face that troubles me a lot.So I drew back of girl instead of front to save me from trouble of drawing the face 😛 Used some reference from pinterest to draw the back pose.Credits and kudos to the guys who did those various postures. So if you see this pic and realise that hey! that’s a similar pose I drew  then credits and thanks to you 🙂 Plot summary below the picture.Enjoy!PrintSCENE-7: (time:midnight , location: prison cell)

So Hugo is locked up in the prison cell at the Castle of Doom.The cell is illuminated with moon’s bright lime-light.Hugo notices the same fish like creature near the window of the cell that guided him here.He manages to climb up the window.This is the first time Hugo encounters the girl in the prison.He speculates that she might be the same girl the witch was talking about.

Needless to say the girl looks stunning and flawless just like a princess (ahem!too much information here).So I don’t want to spill out more secrets but here are the questions in Hugo’s mind : Who is she? what is the connection between her and the fish creatures? and what the hell is happening? Will see what happens next in the coming parts.Stay tuned! Don’t forget to subscribe ,share and like my blog.

Find the previous parts of this series in the BLOG section of the navigation menu or click here for first part of the series.


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