image HUGO: PART-6


So I finished the part-6 of my illustration series “Hugo“.This time I tried some new techniques in illustrator and it turned out well (at least I think it’s good).Let me know what you guys think in the comment section.Don’t forget to like,share and subscribe my blog 🙂


SCENE-6: As you know Hugo was captured by the forest demons.He is summoned before the witch at the Castle of Doom. The witch is a noxious sorceress and her name is Tendra.She is part spider part women.

She orders to put Hugo in the prison and decides to sacrifice him along with the girl exactly after one week when the seven stars will align with the moon.

Hugo is chained and sent to the prison cell.

What is Tendra’s motive behind keeping Hugo?Who is the girl she was talking about?What will happen after one week?What will Hugo do now? I know!I know! there is a lot of mystery going on here ,frankly I don’t know what’s going to happen with him either.So I guess we have to wait and watch 🙂




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