Design Resources:Quick start guide

Hey everyone!

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So last year when I graduated from college I decided rather not to join the mainstream mentality and get a job instead I took a break. I wanted to do something that I really loved and not getting sucked into a boring job. So I contemplated and decided that I want to be a designer. Design was something that intrigued me during the college and was very intuitive for me.

So like a question that most beginners ask “from where should I start?”, “should I go for a masters in design?”, “should I join a design startup or something else?” Now many people would disagree with me but I think getting a Design degree is slightly overrated. Don’t get me wrong I think college is a great way to gain expertise in a subject but given that it requires about 2.5 years to complete and a whopping tuition fees makes me ponder that is it worth it? Is it worth it when you have a tremendous amount of resources available on the web at our disposal? And that too free or with marginal charge. When I can learn things of the internet at my own pace, flexibility and the comfort of my home. I taught myself illustrations, digital painting, UX/UI, web design and what not from scratch and in just 3 months (a little show-off there: P) I may not be able to beat the highly qualified professional but I can do the same job pretty well.

Since the web is flooded with humongous amount of data the main challenge is separate good resources from the bad and best from good.

So in this post I am going to put up the list of resources I compiled over time to learn design. It’s for all the newbies and wanna-be in design out there so that you don’t have to waste time searching for resources and you could use your time to focus on learning things. Wish someone had made a list for me but nevertheless here you go. Enjoy!

I would like to thank Priya Prabhakar for her amazing blog on design and Karen X Cheng’s blog for amazing advice on design career.

*The starred resources are the ones I, personally, highly recommend.

General overview to land on a design career:

Learn how to code basic things like an interactive website.








Design Trilogy by Gary Hustwit:



If you find any other resources ,send me the link I’ll add here.Also comment the broken links.

I haven’t completed many resources listed above myself but I’m doing it at my own pace.Do you still have any other excuse for not learning ?Do you still think college is necessary to learn stuff?

Share this so that all who aspires to be a designer can learn.The world needs good designers!

Stay hungry ! Stay foolish ! -Steve Jobs 🙂




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