image HUGO:PART-5

Hey Guys! so this the part 5 of my illustration series.Let me know the suggestions in the comment section and don’t forget to share 🙂


SCENE-5: I am sure you must have noticed in the part-4 the red-eyed creature hiding at the back watching Hugo.The red -eyed creature is known as the forest demon.These demons are the servant of a noxious sorceress.

Three of the forest demons ambushed and captured clueless Hugo who thought the forest would be his safe haven.The deamons chained him up and taking him to summon before the witch.The castle is known as the Castle of Doom located on the highest hill of the island.Because of witch’s dark power the surrounding land has been turned into a barren wasteland crawling with mysterious and dangerous creatures.What’s going to happen?Where are his mystical friends?Were they sent by the witch herself? Will see in coming posts,till then stay tuned!



  1. Thanks for the following, may I ask why? Your Hugo project is first rate; good luck with it. It looks mostly illustrator; do you use smart objects to take advantage of photoshop stuff? And have you worked in Manga Studio or Corel painter? You don’t have to pay an expensive monthly rent to use these drawing programs.


    • Hi Howard! thanks for stopping by.Actually I’m new to wordpress ,so wordpress provides me with a lot of suggestions to follow. Your blog appeared on the suggestion list and I checked your blog,I liked it so I followed your blog (Hope that how things work here).
      Thanks for the appreciation,actually I used only illustrator for the project.I do use smart objects in photoshop but for some reason I liked working for this project in illustrator.I haven’t worked in Manga Studio or Corel Painter, but i’ll try these software if they aren’t very expensive.Thanks for the suggestions 🙂


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